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Light Capture Photography

Light Capture Photography

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Published: January, 2005

Light Capture Photography features the fine art landscape photography of David J. Forster

Site Design Process

The actual process of designing your site may take one of several different routes.  Please look at the options below for more information. 

Option 1 - design new site

This is the option most sites go through.  Most businesses or organizations already have a logo and a color scheme they use on business cards, letterhead, signage, advertising, etc.  If you would like, we can use this existing information to create the graphic elements and a color scheme for your site.

If you don't already have graphic artwork and color schemes, we can provide some help to design appropriate graphics, but you may need the services of a graphic artist.  If that is the case, see option 4 below.

To help choose colors and fonts for your site, we provide a quick color and font picker.  This link will open in a new window with the font and color tool.

Most of our sites are based one of five layouts:

  • 2-column liquid layout (variable width - matches browser window)
  • 3-column liquid layout (variable width)
  • 2-column fixed width
  • 3-column fixed width
  • 1-column with top menu bar

We can provide either static menus or flyout menus.  Flyout menus are somewhat restrictive in how large your site can be.

There are a lot of decisions to be made here, but we can help you through the process by providing example sites showing the different options.

Once you've decided the basic parameters and given them to us, we will design your site, and present you with one or more options to review. 

Option 2 - Copy selected elements from one or more sites

Many clients already have a good idea of what they would like their site to look like.  Most of the time, they want to combine different elements from different sites into their own site.

One of the great sources we like to look at for site ideas is  This site features hundreds of variations on a single site, just by changing the design elements of the site.  We've made our own list of favorite designs from the site available here.

Many clients will choose design elements and also choose colors, fonts and incorporate their own graphics.  We'll take all this and create a site for you.

Again, once you've decided the basic parameters and given them to us, we will design your site, and present you with one or more options to review. 

Option 3 - Use a template

There are thousands of free or inexpensive templates available on the internet for websites.  Many of these are easily adaptable to our Content Management System.

If you would like to use one of these templates, please contact us before purchasing one.  Some templates may have elements that make it difficult to integrate into our system.

We will do our best to take any template you provide us, including your existing site design, and adapt it for use with our Content Managment System. 

Option 4 - Custom graphic design

Some clients need a website with more extensive graphic design. does not have a graphic designer on our staff at this time.  However, we do work with a number of graphic designers who would be able to help you design a site from scratch.

This option does require a separate fee be paid to the graphic designer in addition to the setup fees paid to

If you would like more information about this option, please contact us.

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